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To travel or not to travel.. that is the question..

So as mentioned in a previous post I was going on a solo Caribbean Cruise..  Well I went!!  For the most part I had a good time.. Lots of me time.. Got lots of reading and relaxing done.. and ate way too much!!  Had a good time on the shore excursions. I got to do my zip lining..  It was exciting.. I didn’t scream or close my eyes once..  I did find myself, however, getting a bit lonely.. There were meet ups for solo travellers but I didn’t attend.. I am a bit shy and find it hard to interact with others, unless they initiate contact.. Gee what if I went and just sat there and nobody came over to say hi.. So I spent the entire cruise by myself..

So I don’t think I will be taking anymore solo vacations.. So lots of trips coming up.. Two planned and one in the planning stages.. In April of 2016 I am taking one of my granddaughters, Haily, to Disneyworld.  My brother and sister in law are driving down to Florida (from Ontario, Canada) and they are spending one night in Disney before leaving on their cruise.. So they offered to drive me.. I haven’t been to Disney in three years, so very excited..  Then in January of 2017 I am going on another Caribbean Cruise with two more of my granddaughters, Nola and Kira..  My oldest daughter wants to visit Cuba and go on a cruise so I found a cruise that leaves from Havana.. A smaller cruise ship than I have been on, but that may be better..

I will have most of the money saved for these trips with my TFSA and my Savings..  I hate to put too much on my credit card but think I will be okay.. I am planning on retiring in 2-3 years and certainly won’t be able to visit many exotic places then..

So what the heck.. I’m going for it.. travel in the next couple of years and visit everywhere I have always wanted to visit..


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