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Ohhhh.. The Irony of It All.

Does anyone else see the irony.. I am sitting at McDonalds, mowing down on a quarter pounder with cheese (no pickles or onions please), fries and a large diet coke.. And I am reading a book called “Mindful Eating”..  Well okay to be honest I just bought the book and just started reading it.. All about being conscious of what you eat, why you eat and what causes you to eat more than you should.. I know what I should and shouldn’t eat.. I know my portion sizes and what I should stay away from.

I just can’t seem to control myself..  I have these great plans.. I buy the books, I spend a week writing out menu plans and a shopping list.. Good for two days.. then wham something happens in my life that derails my best laid plans..

I am 64 now.. And starting to have joint pain, trouble sleeping and constant feelings of blah.. I know part of this is the natural aging process but I also know that some of it is my unhealthy lifestyle and the fact that I am about 50lbs overweight.. I used to walk a lot.. Back and forth to work.. about 25 minutes each way.. I bought a car and swore that I wouldn’t rely on it too much.. This was back in February.. I have yet to walk to work.. Always an excuse.. too hot, too cold, got up late, have stuff to do on my lunch hour or after work..


ohhhhhh the irony of it all..

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