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One down. three to go.

So today was a  great experience.  Well actually it was yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to write about it.  So as a background I suck at finances. I have five credit cards and have gotten quite a hefty balance.. So I decided this year, starting in April, I was going to get my financial house in order.. I listed all my credit card balances in the order or smallest to largest. I have been putting all extra money each pay towards  the one card, with minimum payments on the others.  I made the final payment on card number one on Friday.. It’s hard to describe what a wonderful feeling that was.  I cut it up and taped it into my journal..

Just wanted to share..

image of credit cards - 3d credit card with chains and pad lock - JPG


Thanks for listening….


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Thanks for the rejection..

Well now.. Not sure where to begin.. I was having trouble sleeping last night..  Not sure why.. And all sorts of ideas came into my head about things to jot down.. So here I am. Of course I drifted back to sleep after these thoughts appeared and have lost most of them.. The only one that sticks out is my disappointment with men.. I know they are not all bad. I know some very nice, kind, gentle men.. The good ones are all taken.. I am trying to take the attitude that I am okay alone, that someone will come along, if it’s meant to be it will happen..

I have placed, over the years, quite a few ads on the infamous Plenty of Fish dating site.. My last ad stated that I wanted a relationship but didn’t want the sexual part.. I got a reply from someone, who like me, was Pagan, admonishing me for not being sexually liberated because I was Pagan.. That I should embrace it and welcome it into my life.. He then went on to ask what man had soured me so much that I didn’t want “it” anymore..  Nothing to do with my religion, race, age, etc. I just don’t care for it.. I just read a term that describes me and my views on relationships.. I am ASEXUAL.. Someone who wants everything in a relationship except for the sex part..

I also heard from a few men in the states saying they would move up here, buy me a house and we could live happily ever after.. I think they are just planning ahead if Trump is elected president and they want to move to Canada.. 🙂  So I have quit Plenty of Fish, once again.. Perhaps I can find a website for asexual people..

Thanks for reading..

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I’m “Craiging” It.

About a month ago I joined Jenny Craig.. I really felt that if I was given the  food to eat and didn’t have to worry preparing things and calories and such,  that the pounds would drop off and I would get to a healthier weight.. I wish I could take the credit for the term “craiging it” but it was one of my co-workers, I thought it was a cute phrase.

Anyway I knew it was going to be expensive but yikes.. My first week included the registration fee and a prepaid monthly amount plus the food.. That came to $400.. I couldn’t really afford it but hey, this is my health we are talking about.. I had to do something.. Since I am what they call a lazy cook the idea of having something prepared for me and all I had to do was pop it into the microwave appealed to me..

The food was okay, nothing spectacular.. So after being on the diet for a week I went for my weekly weigh in and had lost 5 lbs.. woot woot.. And bought my second weeks worth of food. Yikes.. $157.00 .. but still I figured going into debt was worth it.. Right??

My second week I lost 3 lbs and yet another weeks supply of food at $157.00   To tell you the truth the food was not all that great.. the more I ate the more I realized that it was not very well made.. I did learn portion control so that was good.  I became severely constipated and could only go the bathroom after taking a mild laxative.. Not not one to brag about my bathroom habits but I used to, before Jenny, go religiously every morning.. This caused my stomach to be very upset and I felt headachy and blah..  I was told by the JC counsellor to try drinking warm water.. I did.. I drank lots of water.. I bought a fit bit and started walking on my lunch hour at work.. nothing seemed to work.

So I started cutting down what I bought from them and incorporating my own food into my weekly plan.. Last week I only bought 4 dinner meals.. It still cost me $35.00.. that is $7.50 a meal.. I could do better.. So onto my search to find cheaper alternatives.. I went in search of premade suppers that were tasty and didn’t have a lot of sodium..  So this week I went to M&M Meats and got their single serving meals for $3.99 each.. And the portions are large so I should be able to eat half, with a salad and save the other half for the next supper. I still had to take some laxatives last night because I haven’t been to the bathroom in a week.. I have my weigh in today so will see what the scale says..

Yes eventually I will prepare everything myself.. I am on the right track.. I have home made oatmeal every morning for breakfast, a half a sandwich and vegetables or a salad for lunch and then one of my premade frozen meals for supper..

So on a scale of 1-10 I rate Jenny Craig a 6.. I learned portion control, my counsellor Melissa is very nice.. She is spiritual like me..:)  and I enjoy being accountable and having my weekly weigh-ins..  The downside is the cost and also the lack of taste for most of the items..

Thanks for listening..handshaketree



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