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To Facebook or not to Facebook.. that is the question

I for one am getting so tired with all the negativity on Facebook.. It seems that, behind the walls of the internet, people can say anything about anyone and anything without any repercussions.. Although I am Canadian, I am following the presidential race closely. And as it is getting closer, there are more and more posts.. mainly about Trump and how it would be bad if he got in. I see these things because I have American friends in my friends list.. I don’t comment on their posts.. I just observe.. I just have bad unexplained feelings about Trump possibly getting elected.. I hope it doesn’t happen.. And not because I think Clinton is the best one, but because if he got in, I think it would be a bad thing for the United States.. Just my opinion. but if he gets in I think it will impact Canada and the rest of the world in a bad way.. I know not everything you read on the internet is true.. I know that both presidential candidates have resorted to underhanded tactics to attack their opponent..

Then there are the shootings and the disasters and the bad things that happen all over the world.. Everyday there is another report of a gunman who opened fire on innocent people, terrorists who kill in the name of their religion, people who hate just because someone is of a different race, nationality, gender or religious belief..  It makes me sad.. Why can’t we all get along and accept each others differences..

I could close my Facebook account and not look at it everyday.. But then I would miss my family and friends sharing news of joy and happiness.. I would miss the feel good stories of human compassion.. I would miss the good people out there who want to make a change.. Who want to make this a better place..  People who truly care about the environment.

So for now I will keep it open and, as it is my right, I will just delete posts or choose not to read about such things.. I will stay positive and know that for every “bad” person out there, there are 100 good people.

Thanks for reading….


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Getting My Houses In Order.


My life seems to be spiraling out of control.  So have to get my house in order.. Today I have a meeting with my banker to make sure I am on the right track to pay off my mounting credit card debt.. I am taking my ever changing excel spreadsheet which lists all my income and expenses and also a section which lists all my credit card debts and how I plan to pay them off.. So the financial house will be sorted out today..

Next “house” will be my health one. My weight has been slowly creeping up in an alarming manner.. I am too short at 4’11” to weigh 165 pounds. .. I feel tired all the time and my joints hurt.. I know I am 64 and a bit of this is the natural aging process but I am too young to feel this tired.. I just bought a car and now drive the 2kms back and forth to work so my exercise each day consists of walking from the car into work.. The weather is getting nicer and warmer so I am hoping to get out and do some walking and hiking soon.. Yeah I know excuses, excuses..

I went to see a Nutritionist.. It was a group meeting.. I enjoyed it and learned a lot.. We are supposed to keep track of 3 days worth of meals, send them in.. Then we can meet with them one on one.  I can tell you now that a couple people, in the group, will not follow through.. I know what to eat and what not to eat.. but just can’t seem to control myself.. I write out recipes, make a grocery list, shop and half the time the food gets thrown out.. I am looking for a simple, healthy plan for everyday eating.. I am a lazy cook.. So guess I have to get out of that mindset and make an effort to prepare more foods from scratch, rather than eat out or buy something premade..

My Spiritual house is mostly in order.. I know what my path is and walk it proudly.. I devote myself to the Goddess.. Am trying to be a better person, not talk bad about others or be mean spirited.. So will work hard on that.


My last house, is my relationship house.. Gee not sure if that will ever be complete.. I flip back and forth from wanting to be with someone and not wanting to have someone in my life.. I am not even sure which gender I want a relationship with.. SIGH.. So will just be me and hope for the best.. As the saying going.. If it’s meant to be it will happen..

Thanks for listening….

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When I die I’m going to travel the World..

I have no immediate plans to die anytime soon.. But I have many places to see and not enough time or finances.. I guess at age 64 I should be looking to retiring in a couple of years and living the rest of my life relaxing and enjoying the fruits of my labour..

Well things sometimes don’t work out the way you expect them to. I have decided that I am going to work for another four years, pay off my credit cards, save up for a small trailer or cottage and travel.. Yep, it sounds like a lot of money doesn’t it..  But I have a plan..

I am slowly paying off my credit cards so that part is under control.. As stated in a previous post I have already paid off one of my credit cards.. The second one will be paid off in January of next year, and the rest will be paid off throughout next year.

So according to my calculations, if I work for another four years I can get some travelling in, save up for a small place to live ( my friend is buying some land for her and her husband to live on and she has offered to let me live on the land as well… Now to just save up for something to live in..  Nice to have a plan..

So many places I want to see and things I want to do.. Not sure if I will get it all in, but sure will try my hardest.. Have caught the cruising bug, so that will take care of some of my travels.. Ireland, Greece, England (Glastonbury) and a few other spots.. So what I don’t get to visit in this lifetime, I will visit them when I am in Spirit..

Thanks for reading….


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Cruising with my daughter



I have just returned from a Caribbean Cruise with my daughter Jenn.. She turned 35 while we were away.. It had been 20 years since we had vacationed together, just the two of us.. Her father and I had just divorced and I guess I felt guilty.. So I took her to Disney..

We had the most amazing time.. She is a funny, smart, fun to be with woman.. And I am proud to call her my daughter.. I think she needed the time away.. And now she is hooked on cruising.. On the cruise, we booked another cruise for her and her soon to be husband..  I am paying.. as a wedding present..

We hiked in the rain forest, rode the skyride, went on a tour of Aruba.. well sort of.. It was a sea/land excursion.. The sea part was great.. A nice boat ride.. They served free rum punch.. we boarded the bus for the second part and it kept breaking down.. so back to the pier we went.. We did get half of our money back.. Jen also swam with the turtles and fed the sharks.. Yep the trip was all about her.. 🙂

We saw some stage shows, sat by the pool, went for lots of walks around the deck. took lots of selfies.. Normally I don’t get my picture taken, but she insisted..

It was nice spending some one on one time with her..  Some nice memories, some great pictures and wonderful time spent together..


Thanks for reading….

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Yo ho, Yo Ho.. The Cruising Life for me.



Yep.. I have booked another cruise.. The above is a picture of my beach bed that I have reserved for when we visit the Royal Caribbean private island of Cococay..

So let me tell you how it all came about.. Well I had decided, because of finances, that I was just going to do staycations for my next holiday.. I like to take my holidays in the Spring and in the Fall.. All my brothers fault really.. hahaha.. So he told me that he had booked a 4 day cruise on March break of next year.. So it got me thinking that perhaps, like last time, they could drop me off somewhere in Florida (it was Disneyworld last time, but do not really want to go there on March break.. oiy.. the crowds.. all those children.. 🙂 So I asked him and he said no problem.. I could tag along.. but then he suggested that I contact Tracey at Travel on a Dream (super nice, wonderful. if you are looking for a TA 🙂 to see if there was room on the ship.. Wow.. cool.. excited.. So I contacted her and she said that yes there were cabins available.. Ocean view, would pay a bit more cause I was going solo.. and gave me a quote of about $1000.. hell yeah.. So booked the cruise.. It is a 4 day Bahamas Cruise.. Stopping off in Nassau (where I have booked a excursion) and also at their private island..Cococay.. where I have reserved a beach bed.. whoops.. already said that at the beginning.. please forgive my excitement..  We will be driving down, parking at the pier and getting on the ship.. I think my brother was a bit worried that would follow them around like a lost puppy.. I assured him that I would not and that I am quite comfortable just sitting and reading. by myself.. 🙂  He did say we could occasionally eat together on the ship.. hahahaha..  So something to look forward to.. To get me through the long, cold, hard, snowy. icy, Canadian winter..  I have printed off a picture of the ship, Majesty of the Seas, and put it up at work with the date..   Can I afford it.. well not really.. but hey.. what the heck..

Thanks for reading…..


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You are Gone…

Today I relive one of the worst days of my life.. My Dad passed away 6 years ago today.. I was with him.. My Mom died in 1992, while we had slipped home for an hour to have supper.. So my brother and I vowed that someone would be with him at all times.. We didn’t know how long he had.. Just that we wanted someone to be there with him.. I relieved my brother, who had been there for four nights in a row.. And he passed on my watch..

But enough of the sadness..  Yes I am still sad.. He will always be in my heart.. But I remember the funny times, the jokes, the key jingling and the whistling.. The Saturday beer runs and supper every Sunday at Dad’s.. I think fondly of the really cheap, vile tasting wine that he bought to have with supper.. he would walk down to the market, buy the groceries for supper and pick up a bottle of wine. I drank it anyway, because he was my Dad and because he went to the trouble of getting it.. 🙂

He was kind, generous, funny, intelligent and the best Father.. You will be missed John Evans..   Always in my Heart.


Thanks for listening…..

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It’s not them…. it’s me!!!!

My track record with men has  been anything but stellar.. I have been married twice and have had a string of broken relationships.. I am beginning to think it’s not them, it’s me.. All this time I thought I was the perfect person to be in a relationship.. I am kind, considerate, loving, intelligent, good sense of humour.. You know, all the qualities a prospective partner could want.. Am I too picky… I get scared.. I chat with them online and once they ask if we can meet I delete them..

Perhaps I am afraid of another failed relationship. That if I meet them and we date and it doesn’t work out, then it will be another failure.. I don’t even give them a chance.. I have dated some really nice men over the years and have broken up with them.. I have lost some really good men..ones that I think truly cared for me..

So now, once again, I face it.. I have been texting with a man named Gary. He seems nice.. Have never met and now he wants to.. For coffee.. And he wants to know if it’s okay if he actually called me, rather than text.. Gulp.. Should I or shouldn’t I..  I was waiting for a sign through my dreams last night.. Nothing came.. Guess this is something I have to figure out for myself.

So no harm in meeting, right??  But what if he doesn’t like me.. What if we don’t hit it off.. What if I don’t like him.. He is into restoring cars.. Just like Jim.. Would he be able to devote enough time to me? I don’t want to be joined at the hip.. I want my me time, but want some us time too.

Anyhoo.. I will keep you posted..


Thanks for reading……


UPDATE ON GARY:  Another one bites the dust.. He was very busy and couldn’t seem to find the time to meet me.. I don’t wish to be joined at the hip with someone, but for the love of all things.. at least make the effort.. SIGH…..







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