It’s not them…. it’s me!!!!

My track record with men has  been anything but stellar.. I have been married twice and have had a string of broken relationships.. I am beginning to think it’s not them, it’s me.. All this time I thought I was the perfect person to be in a relationship.. I am kind, considerate, loving, intelligent, good sense of humour.. You know, all the qualities a prospective partner could want.. Am I too picky… I get scared.. I chat with them online and once they ask if we can meet I delete them..

Perhaps I am afraid of another failed relationship. That if I meet them and we date and it doesn’t work out, then it will be another failure.. I don’t even give them a chance.. I have dated some really nice men over the years and have broken up with them.. I have lost some really good men..ones that I think truly cared for me..

So now, once again, I face it.. I have been texting with a man named Gary. He seems nice.. Have never met and now he wants to.. For coffee.. And he wants to know if it’s okay if he actually called me, rather than text.. Gulp.. Should I or shouldn’t I..  I was waiting for a sign through my dreams last night.. Nothing came.. Guess this is something I have to figure out for myself.

So no harm in meeting, right??  But what if he doesn’t like me.. What if we don’t hit it off.. What if I don’t like him.. He is into restoring cars.. Just like Jim.. Would he be able to devote enough time to me? I don’t want to be joined at the hip.. I want my me time, but want some us time too.

Anyhoo.. I will keep you posted..


Thanks for reading……


UPDATE ON GARY:  Another one bites the dust.. He was very busy and couldn’t seem to find the time to meet me.. I don’t wish to be joined at the hip with someone, but for the love of all things.. at least make the effort.. SIGH…..








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