You are Gone…

Today I relive one of the worst days of my life.. My Dad passed away 6 years ago today.. I was with him.. My Mom died in 1992, while we had slipped home for an hour to have supper.. So my brother and I vowed that someone would be with him at all times.. We didn’t know how long he had.. Just that we wanted someone to be there with him.. I relieved my brother, who had been there for four nights in a row.. And he passed on my watch..

But enough of the sadness..  Yes I am still sad.. He will always be in my heart.. But I remember the funny times, the jokes, the key jingling and the whistling.. The Saturday beer runs and supper every Sunday at Dad’s.. I think fondly of the really cheap, vile tasting wine that he bought to have with supper.. he would walk down to the market, buy the groceries for supper and pick up a bottle of wine. I drank it anyway, because he was my Dad and because he went to the trouble of getting it.. 🙂

He was kind, generous, funny, intelligent and the best Father.. You will be missed John Evans..   Always in my Heart.


Thanks for listening…..


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