Cruising with my daughter



I have just returned from a Caribbean Cruise with my daughter Jenn.. She turned 35 while we were away.. It had been 20 years since we had vacationed together, just the two of us.. Her father and I had just divorced and I guess I felt guilty.. So I took her to Disney..

We had the most amazing time.. She is a funny, smart, fun to be with woman.. And I am proud to call her my daughter.. I think she needed the time away.. And now she is hooked on cruising.. On the cruise, we booked another cruise for her and her soon to be husband..  I am paying.. as a wedding present..

We hiked in the rain forest, rode the skyride, went on a tour of Aruba.. well sort of.. It was a sea/land excursion.. The sea part was great.. A nice boat ride.. They served free rum punch.. we boarded the bus for the second part and it kept breaking down.. so back to the pier we went.. We did get half of our money back.. Jen also swam with the turtles and fed the sharks.. Yep the trip was all about her.. 🙂

We saw some stage shows, sat by the pool, went for lots of walks around the deck. took lots of selfies.. Normally I don’t get my picture taken, but she insisted..

It was nice spending some one on one time with her..  Some nice memories, some great pictures and wonderful time spent together..


Thanks for reading….


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