Getting My Houses In Order.


My life seems to be spiraling out of control.  So have to get my house in order.. Today I have a meeting with my banker to make sure I am on the right track to pay off my mounting credit card debt.. I am taking my ever changing excel spreadsheet which lists all my income and expenses and also a section which lists all my credit card debts and how I plan to pay them off.. So the financial house will be sorted out today..

Next “house” will be my health one. My weight has been slowly creeping up in an alarming manner.. I am too short at 4’11” to weigh 165 pounds. .. I feel tired all the time and my joints hurt.. I know I am 64 and a bit of this is the natural aging process but I am too young to feel this tired.. I just bought a car and now drive the 2kms back and forth to work so my exercise each day consists of walking from the car into work.. The weather is getting nicer and warmer so I am hoping to get out and do some walking and hiking soon.. Yeah I know excuses, excuses..

I went to see a Nutritionist.. It was a group meeting.. I enjoyed it and learned a lot.. We are supposed to keep track of 3 days worth of meals, send them in.. Then we can meet with them one on one.  I can tell you now that a couple people, in the group, will not follow through.. I know what to eat and what not to eat.. but just can’t seem to control myself.. I write out recipes, make a grocery list, shop and half the time the food gets thrown out.. I am looking for a simple, healthy plan for everyday eating.. I am a lazy cook.. So guess I have to get out of that mindset and make an effort to prepare more foods from scratch, rather than eat out or buy something premade..

My Spiritual house is mostly in order.. I know what my path is and walk it proudly.. I devote myself to the Goddess.. Am trying to be a better person, not talk bad about others or be mean spirited.. So will work hard on that.


My last house, is my relationship house.. Gee not sure if that will ever be complete.. I flip back and forth from wanting to be with someone and not wanting to have someone in my life.. I am not even sure which gender I want a relationship with.. SIGH.. So will just be me and hope for the best.. As the saying going.. If it’s meant to be it will happen..

Thanks for listening….


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