Yo ho, Yo Ho.. The Cruising Life for me.



Yep.. I have booked another cruise.. The above is a picture of my beach bed that I have reserved for when we visit the Royal Caribbean private island of Cococay..

So let me tell you how it all came about.. Well I had decided, because of finances, that I was just going to do staycations for my next holiday.. I like to take my holidays in the Spring and in the Fall.. All my brothers fault really.. hahaha.. So he told me that he had booked a 4 day cruise on March break of next year.. So it got me thinking that perhaps, like last time, they could drop me off somewhere in Florida (it was Disneyworld last time, but do not really want to go there on March break.. oiy.. the crowds.. all those children.. 🙂 So I asked him and he said no problem.. I could tag along.. but then he suggested that I contact Tracey at Travel on a Dream (super nice, wonderful. if you are looking for a TA 🙂 to see if there was room on the ship.. Wow.. cool.. excited.. So I contacted her and she said that yes there were cabins available.. Ocean view, would pay a bit more cause I was going solo.. and gave me a quote of about $1000.. hell yeah.. So booked the cruise.. It is a 4 day Bahamas Cruise.. Stopping off in Nassau (where I have booked a excursion) and also at their private island..Cococay.. where I have reserved a beach bed.. whoops.. already said that at the beginning.. please forgive my excitement..  We will be driving down, parking at the pier and getting on the ship.. I think my brother was a bit worried that would follow them around like a lost puppy.. I assured him that I would not and that I am quite comfortable just sitting and reading. by myself.. 🙂  He did say we could occasionally eat together on the ship.. hahahaha..  So something to look forward to.. To get me through the long, cold, hard, snowy. icy, Canadian winter..  I have printed off a picture of the ship, Majesty of the Seas, and put it up at work with the date..   Can I afford it.. well not really.. but hey.. what the heck..

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