To Facebook or not to Facebook.. that is the question

I for one am getting so tired with all the negativity on Facebook.. It seems that, behind the walls of the internet, people can say anything about anyone and anything without any repercussions.. Although I am Canadian, I am following the presidential race closely. And as it is getting closer, there are more and more posts.. mainly about Trump and how it would be bad if he got in. I see these things because I have American friends in my friends list.. I don’t comment on their posts.. I just observe.. I just have bad unexplained feelings about Trump possibly getting elected.. I hope it doesn’t happen.. And not because I think Clinton is the best one, but because if he got in, I think it would be a bad thing for the United States.. Just my opinion. but if he gets in I think it will impact Canada and the rest of the world in a bad way.. I know not everything you read on the internet is true.. I know that both presidential candidates have resorted to underhanded tactics to attack their opponent..

Then there are the shootings and the disasters and the bad things that happen all over the world.. Everyday there is another report of a gunman who opened fire on innocent people, terrorists who kill in the name of their religion, people who hate just because someone is of a different race, nationality, gender or religious belief..  It makes me sad.. Why can’t we all get along and accept each others differences..

I could close my Facebook account and not look at it everyday.. But then I would miss my family and friends sharing news of joy and happiness.. I would miss the feel good stories of human compassion.. I would miss the good people out there who want to make a change.. Who want to make this a better place..  People who truly care about the environment.

So for now I will keep it open and, as it is my right, I will just delete posts or choose not to read about such things.. I will stay positive and know that for every “bad” person out there, there are 100 good people.

Thanks for reading….


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