A Matter of Ethics….

So in an effort to get healthy as I enter into the last phase of my life I have decided to become vegetarian..  I have been playing around with this for quite awhile.  And after seeing a movie on Netflix about the way animals are slaughtered I found myself unable to eat animal products without thinking of that film and what the animals go through as they are being killed..  For me it’s a matter of ethics.. A sense of justice.

I am not going hard core vegan, for now.. I am taking baby steps.. Luckily for me I love vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds.  I also want to feel better and of course the added bonus of shedding a few pounds..  I have been experimenting with different things and different ways of cooking.. I am trying to add a bit of variety into my daily meals other than raw veggies and humus for lunch..

So something was said to me that sounds reasonable but not sure how to feel about what was said..  The “non-vegetarians” say, but “don’t plants have feelings too”?.. And yes I suppose they do, but they are not cruelly slaughtered to provide food.. They say but there are organic farms now where the cows and chickens run free.. and that is great.. but it is how they are killed.  That is the part that causes me despair and sadness.

I am, for the most part, not eating any animal products. I have also give up eggs and cheese.  I am going to slip up now and then.. and I am not at the point yet where I question what is in the few prepared foods I buy. I mostly buy fresh fruits and vegetables, but things like my bread and other things not made by me probably contain animal by-products in their manufacturing.. I will get to that point eventually.. Read the labels and make informed choices..

When I told my family and friends and co-workers of my choice, they said  “oh you are one of them”..  🙂 but that is okay.. I am not the norm anyway so another thing to add..

Ummmm, Okay does anyone have a recipe for vegan turkey??  :)..

Thanks for reading….



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