Crazy Cat Lady…

So yes, it has finally happened.. I have become a cat owner.. of two cats.. I have owned cats before and it hasn’t worked out.. so various reasons..   So I am giving it another shot..

They are both calicos, female..  Marna is the more outgoing and came up to me right away and jumped up on my lap.. Joan is a bit more reclusive and I have yet to meet her, other than a fleeting glimpse of her racing by me to go and hide behind my couch… I was told that she is not affectionate and usually sits quietly contemplating life.. Okay the previous owners didn’t tell me that.. I made it up.. but it sounds good.

I got them through a Kijiji ad.. The previous owner, a gentleman, is having a few issues and is unable to care for them.. They were free..  I have been knocking around the idea for awhile, getting a cat. I was only planning on getting one, but adding another one seems like a good idea.. Good company for each other while  I am at work..

It’s the first step to animal ownership.. When I get my place out in the country I want to add a dog, goat, chickens and pigs to the mix.. Sort of a sanctuary.. 🙂

Will keep you posted..


Thanks for reading…




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