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If I had the nerve….

On a roll today….

At work today and it is a very slow afternoon.. so lots of time to surf the net in between customers.. I should get some filing done, but meh.. I don’t feel like it.. and it will be sitting there on Monday..

I used to love working with the public but the dynamics have change drastically over the past few years..People seem so much more demanding than they used to be.. A sense of entitlement and the need to have everything done right away..

And don’t even get me started on the cell phone use.. I am privy to numerous personal phone calls in the waiting room.. I will call someone and they won’t hear me because they are too busy playing games or chatting.. A half hour later they will waltz up to the counter and inquire when their vehicle will be ready.. I say, “I called you like half an hour ago”  well okay I don’t use the word like in that sentence.. 🙂  I usually don’t say anything.. Unless they give me a hard time and they I politely say.. “I did call you”  And since you mentioned cell phones.. okay well I mentioned cell phones but then I call said customer up to the counter to present them their bill and to collect the money and they continue to chat on their phone whilst I am trying to take care of them.. Very annoying.. I wish I had the nerve to go and sit down and wait for them to finish their conversation, or that ever important, can’t wait for 10 seconds text..

Don’t get me wrong.. I love modern technology.. I have a cell phone myself.. but shouldn’t there be some kind of law in place, like there is with smoking in public places.. you can’t use your cell phone while someone is trying to serve you..

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