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This working for a living is…..

So at 63 I kind of thought I would be happily married, retired and live comfortably..Going for long walks on the beach with my honey, spending the winter in Florida.. I attempted to retire once.. When I was 60.  It didn’t go very well. I wasn’t ready financially or emotionally.. So back to work I went.. I was lucky enough to get my old job back.. well lucky in the fact that at my age I was able to find employment.. It is not the best place I have ever worked, nor is it the worst..  I am trying to save to buy a small trailer or cottage near the beach..  I have some debts to pay off first and then every extra cent I have will go towards my little retirement home..

I recently discovered the joy of cruising.. I recently went on a cruise in April and loved it.. So I am going on another one this October.. Can I afford to go.. Yes I can but it is cutting into my retirement planning.. I could reach my goal of retiring sooner but I want to travel and see things and have new experiences.. I won’t be able to travel after I retire so am doing it now while I am working..

Most of my blogs will be random ramblings.. hey I like that phrase.. random ramblings.. Sometimes it just helps to have someone talk to .. even if it’s just myself..

Hugs & Blessings

And thanks for reading..


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